Experience Chakradance™. 

Combining music, guided meditation, improvised dance, and artistic reflection, Chakradance™ is a healing practice designed for you. 

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What is Chakradance?

Chakradance™ is a well-being movement therapy practice. It uses self-led dance and chakra-resonant music to support healing and to recalibrate your whole being.

Music is the key to Chakradance because it is the energetic path through which body, mind and spirit come together, literally embodying the soul.

Healing in Privacy

Each Chakradance™ session combines music, guided imagery, improvised dance, artistic reflection and meditation to heal your inner being and your outlook on the world. And it's done in the security of your own home. 

Healing in Community

Chakradance™ can be a gathered group experience, but even in online courses you can meet virtually with others having similar experiences and share process, support and encouragement. 

Explore Chakradance with Tabatha Bird Weaver

Tabatha is an experienced Chakradance™ facilitator who has been leading classes in person and online for more than ten years. 

  • We offer two online courses: Chakradance to Heal Your Life, and
  • Chakradance: Reboot Your Root

Here are some of the comments from Tabatha's Chakradance™ classes: 


I was so scared to just exist as myself. And I think going through this process has helped me to lean into exactly who I am and be not only okay with it, but joyful experiencing myself.


I loved everybody's input and really enjoyed the community. And this is a series that has been tested and tested, and it's very well put together. It's beautiful to look at, the music is right on point, the meditations are on point.


I love how the music, along with the words, very clearly leads you to have your experience that is deeply intimate. And you can take away so much from it every time. It's beautiful.

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