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Feel more like a Hot Mess than a Haute God or Goddess?

Most of us do at times. But that does not mean you are helpless. Or that your situation is hopeless. The secret is to discover and free who you really are so that you can align with the life you deeply desire. The key lies in believing you are worthy.  You deserve a life of:

Presence        Passion       Joy       Connection       Creativity       Direction       Growth

You have to be here in order to manage and create a life you love. Learn to feel safe and happy by being present. You are absolutely in charge of your experience and you're capable of creating a life you love. Choose to ground into your life and strength.

If your life seems a little lackluster, then it probably is. Find your inner fire again. And for heaven's sake get rid of guilt and obligation. When you live to please other people, life feels miserable. Let go of old rules and roles that say life is hard and remember how to allow pleasure. Shamelessly embrace the emotions that help you enjoy life!

If you feel you're lacking direction it is crucial that you pause and reflect. Where is the spark of action the pulls you forward into deep purpose and secure confidence? Throw off old goals and paths that no longer serve you. It is not failure to decide you want a change. Take some time to see what ignites your energy then move toward it confidently.

Life gets stressful and feels overwhelming - health, finances, relationships - they all seem hard. Imagine that there is a way you can make powerful choices and take action in the face of any circumstance. What if you could have power, freedom and full self expression in any areas of your life?

Seriously, what would life be like? Who would you be?


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Reconnect & Evolve

Okay, your relationship is pretty good – but you know it could be better. You’re really looking for that deep intimacy. You want the relationship of your dreams. You want your relationship to be like it was at the beginning: exciting, fun, new. Let me tell you - it’s easier than you think and better than you can believe.

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Women In Spiritual Empowerment

Move your life from overwhelmed to overjoyed. Now you feel obligated, overwhelmed and stressed by what You have to do every day. And the tasks never seem to stop so you end up pissed off and worn out. There’s always something else to do on your list. It seems like there’s just too much going on and you don’t have enough time or energy to do it all. You are dissatisfied with your relationships, you feel like you say yes to everybody but you. And when you try and take care of yourself, the guilt is crushing or you can’t even get relaxed because of the list in your head. What you want is peace of mind and confidence. If this sounds like you...

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I adore sensitive, empathic & intuitive people.


Usually, they think they are anxious, overwhelmed or weird.

Do you get overwhelmed “for no reason” or feel emotionally cluttered? Maybe you cry at the drop of a hat or feel generally anxious or avoid crowds? Ever feel like you have ADHD (but you don’t)? Know when someone is lying to you? Feel the weight of the world? I bet you’ve been told you’re “too sensitive.” Maybe you’re confused or overwhelmed because life seems full of static and noise. Stress seems more intense to you and like your reactions come out of nowhere. You may have a hard time making decisions or knowing what is best for you – but can’t figure out how to change it. Other people don’t seem to feel things as deeply or as strongly. They may even tell you you’re overreacting, making a mountain out of a molehill, or making things up. And being around people is so draining. I totally get that – and I know you’re not crazy.

You are not alone.

I hear these things from clients every day. If you have suffered with anxiety or “feeling too much” chances are you are sick of it or exhausted from the efforts to manage it. Many of my clients tell me that they have struggled with the pain of being extra sensitive or feeling everyone’s emotions. Most think & know that this keeps them from their own paths or doing what is best for them - even from knowing themselves.

Sound familiar?

Maybe you have noticed that doing the same thing in the same way you always have is really just making it worse & more painful. You don’t have to live in a cave to feel safe from people. If this sounds at all like you, read some more of my story. I can show you how I learned to take overwhelm, burden, & deep grief for the state of humanity & turn it into a source of encouragement, enlightenment, & fun. Yes, I said fun. I figured out how to manage my energy & correct my karma.