Hello, I'm Tabatha Bird Weaver

No matter where you are in your healing journey, I'm so glad you're here now. My path with CPTSD and spirituality has tumbled trough many experiences and interventions - Everything changed when I found energy psychology and learned to get into my body. Please download the free audio on this page to begin your embodiment.

My Story


My childhood was tough. I grew up in a chaotic household with one parent who is a raging narcissist and another who enabled that and took credit for the cycle breaking that I did. Ouch 

And in order to survive that experience, I learned hard lessons like "I have to know the right answer immediately or I'm stupid" and "I am not acceptable if I make a mistake" and my personal favorite, "When you are vulnerable you get hurt, don't trust."

I remain the problem in my family of origin to this day.

Sound familiar?

As an older child and teen, American Evangelical Christianity  conditioned me to believe that God judges me as not enough while also loving me more than I could ever love myself. That's twisted.

As a young adult, I sought help and tried many different healing interventions. I became a lightweight Hindu who was into astrology to piss my dad off, and it worked. So I moved 500 miles away from my family. All while being a perfectionist with horrible self talk.  So of course I decided to become a therapist.

Traditional therapy was also disappointing and traumatic - back then the only way to approach treatment was to look at me as incomplete or broken. Rather than looking at the sick system that harmed me and teaching me how to recover.

I was disillusioned until I found energy psychology and a compassionate witness. Energy psychology modalities taught me to listen to my body and intuition and while I was my therapist provided an authentic relationship and unconditional positive regard.

Energy psychology and community are powerful tools in our healing process and journey. I hope you join us, because that is where the healing is. In US.

You, me, and we.

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Support from
me to You

Karmic Alchemy¬ģ
& Community

Heal Your
Whole Being
in Community

The Karmic Alchemy Community is a welcoming online community of those of us with wounds and hurts from relationships. We  embrace both research and intuition. We understand that we were hurt by others and we can best heal with others. We believe that we can choose to accept and validate our pain and thereby transform ourselves and our lives.

The Karmic Alchemy¬ģ Podcast is¬†continued in more depth in¬†our private community. The pod is focused on information to help us heal from childhood and relationship wounding from a balanced perspective of science and spirituality.

This is Karmic Alchemy: taking our¬†fractures caused by life and transmuting¬†them into wholeness. Your life changed from lead to gold. Heal your whole being ¬ģ

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A peek inside your deep dive

The newest versions of my training programs are available, and they do not disappoint!

When you join the personal use version, you will have immediate access to the core concepts to get you going right away. Each month you will have automatic access to a new way to get deeper in touch with yourself as well guides to support your process.

Then, we will meet live¬†each month for a new teaching as well as a Q&A session and yo will have 24/7 access to the exclusive online community. Everything you require to Recalibrate¬ģ

When you join the professional version, you get everything above as well as an additional resource teaching you how to use the tool with your clients. We also have an additional Q&A session each month which is recorded and added to your library. You will be able to use the content with your clients immediately!

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Rhythm for your Soul

Dance to heal your whole being.

Embodiment is a key when you want to heal your whole being. It gives us the ability to be present and become aware of our deepest needs. It also resources us to take action to meet those needs.

Chakradance‚ĄĘ makes embodiment beautiful and fun through self lead dance¬†with music geared to each area of your being.

You can choose a class that meets online or in person - whatever feels best to you. There are classes that are just one session about one chakra as well as series that will address all the chakras in unified way.

Check out our classes, and make sure to download the free Chakra Health Checkup today.

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