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The Karmic Alchemy Podcast talks about complex trauma and childhood suffering through a the lens of spirituality and healing. Our online community is a welcoming onlineĀ spaceĀ for those of us with wounds and hurts who love to embrace both research and intuition.

We understand that we were hurt by others and we can best heal with others. We also believeĀ that we can chooseĀ to acceptĀ and validate our pain and therebyĀ transform ourselves and our lives.

This is Karmic Alchemy: taking theĀ fractures of life and transmutingĀ them into wholeness.

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The CPTSD ToolkitĀ®

Getting treatment for CPTSD is important - so it's best to find the best treatment and therapist you can. This course will give you information you require to make the best choices around what type of treatment you desire and how to pick a therapist.

Also, each section is broken down into bite sized pieces so it's not overwhelming. Tools are provided for each therapy type so that you can try them as see if the are for you.

I also provide a bunch of encouragement along the way - you're not alone in this and you deserve support.


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Heal Your Life

Experience the healing power of Chakradance in your own home. Gather at the end of each module with a small, safe group of like minded people. Chakradance facilitators provide a sacred and nurturing space where you can surrender to your own experiences, become more in tune with your chakra system and use these dynamic moving meditations to activate your own inner healing.

In each Chakradance class or workshop, a Facilitator will guide you into your own experience of each chakra using specific music, guided visualisations, mandala art-making and dynamic moving meditations.

Ā The next Chakradance experience begins January 18, 2024. Sign up now and have the options of payments!


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