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A brand-new feature of, this community is open to all who have joined our site. It's a welcoming community that can resonate with the pain and suffering caused by CPTSD, or complex trauma. We are here to nurture ourselves and witness others on the healing journey to wholeness. We appreciate a flexible balance of science-backed research as well as the intuition of our Self. We also appreciate that we are multidimensional beings - body mind energy - and you deserve to Heal Your Whole Being®.

Join us for a private podcast that address the problems and solutions of those of us with wounding from childhood. We'll also have live events, like the Chakradance Full Moon Ritual and group challenges so that we can make progress together! 

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Including the brand-new Karmic Alchemy Podcast, exclusive to this community, plus live meetups, recordings of recent Q&A sessions, and much more!

Just keeping it real: this is not therapy and I am not your therapist if you join my community or buy my products. As you already know, the information, memberships and products on this site are not a substitute for medical care - which you deserve. Please take care of you.

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